Monday, September 3, 2012

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa Part #1

Currently I'm working on a digital illustration using a figure as landscape.

I have a lot of different tastes when it comes to this type of thing, however, one artist who grasps this concept in particularly interesting way is Endling from Deviantart. He has a tendency to draw his characters upfront with either a blank or detailed background. In fact, a lot of my inspiration stems from his work. 
Attention Whore: Endling
Assembly Req'd.: Endling

My intention was not to completely replicate the two pieces but merely get a grasp on how they're done. Note that these are really rough and I intend to add adjustments to details and anatomy issues later. I have a tendency to use my characters in a lot of my work as well, I have to admit that Endlings twisted nature has been a big influence for me throughout the years, and it shows up from time to time.

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