Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Project Proposal: Animated movie promotion

For the longest time I've been wondering how to go about this proposal, and I've decided to stay on the simple course instead of trying to do something overly complicated in an attempt at being original. I'm an animation major, I animate, It's what I do. SO-

Let's do an animated movie promotion!
Or in other words, a trailer.

As for the projects description, the title speaks for itself. Now, I understand that most people know me for working in an anime like style, but hold on a second. My work is also "stylized" therefore it's very flexible and can be adjusted to meet someone's standards. Meaning. I don't expect this trailer to be strictly one "style" or the other, because I'm not the only one working on it this time. My suggestion is that it's a form we can all follow and adjust to accordingly so that the work refrains from being so labor intensive. (This will be determined by what group members are chosen)

The projects entirety is completely open ended in terms of genre, audience, theme, etc.

Examples of what I'm going for:

As for character creation and the premise of the movie, that's something that will be discussed amongst the group once the members have been chosen. Please note, that I myself have an ENTIRE series developed that can be used in a heartbeat for the setting of the trailer, it can help save a lot of time in character creation and story premise. (same goes for anyone else) However, this is NOT necessary, if you yourself have your own idea and would like to pitch it please go right ahead, I've worked with my series long enough and would love a change in perspective. Honestly I'm pretty open to ideas, I am very flexible and like to hear what everyone has to say so we all come to an agreement on what needs to be done.

Duration of the trailer: I'm predicting it to be between 30 seconds to 1 minute long.
30 seconds being the bare minimum. (which would make the trailer act more as a teaser)


Below is an Organizational flow chart demonstrating who will be responsible for what.

Which is followed by the Gaant Chart, planning everything out.

Personal note: I have enough confidence in myself to kick start the project as Director. Assuming I have the necessary workers picking up the work of course.

Extra Note: Promotion Director would be the person in charge of creating the illustrations which promote the movie. Such as a movie poster.


  1. Sounds like an awesome idea. I know you mentioned that you have an on-going story that you've had for awhile, but do you have any potential ideas for the story of this trailer? I'm looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Not entirely no. My story is very long and is broken down into 4 parts. So it can be over one of them.
      However, because I made the prompt kind of open ended. There really isn't a definite answer for a story.

      Personally I'd prefer to do something else because I want it to be something everyone can get into and not just me.

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  3. When I first read, all I can think of was, 'Holy fudge! He's proposing an entire film?!'. Reading further along, a trailer sounds much more manageable.
    However, I am a little confused with what the trailer would be about... I know you mention your characters, but for most, they have absolutely no idea about your story. If it is going to be with your characters, I would suggest a quick synopsis of the plot of the movie.


      I'll have to go over that in class or make a quick adjustment. It's a bit difficult to summarize in all honesty, the story is long and could have multiple movies made about it. It would just depend on which part everyone would want to do.

  4. You just HAD to post a slenderman poster didn’t you. But i like how you’re opening up to other styles /stories with this project considering mostly everything you do revolves around your own story and characters (and trust me i do the same thing and yours is great, but this shows a great growth in your directional aspirations and maturity.)