Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa Part #2

OK. So it's time to pick out a color scheme!
Inspiration for the colors being used are from two of my favorite Deviant Artists.

     Not only is her color usage phenomenal, but she's been my friend since High School and continues to comment and critique my work to this very day. It makes me feel a bit flattered to be honest now that I think about it. She's always been known for her colors and depth of field manipulation. The one on the right is more of the direction I want to go towards for this piece.


       No one makes me more envious with style and creativity other than elsevilla, his work is often twisted and full of color. His painter like style is something that still leaves me in awe to this very day. I may try to manipulate it when I begin working with my illustration. As for color scheme, I'm particularly interested in using something slightly similar to that on the left.

My Palette

I decided to go with the best of both worlds, and used a mixture of the two pieces that I liked the most. It consists mostly of dark purples with slightly red highlights. This palette is meant to be used on the picture of Arxen in front of the brick building.

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