Friday, October 5, 2012

Project Pipeline: Post 1

     So I ended up going with Emma's group and I'm really excited to get started on our project.
I'll be responsible for Character Design and Animation. While assisting Aaron with backgrounds.

Below is my first day of work and these are the designs I managed to come up with for the characters.


  1. I think you did a really nice job with your character designs so far! I love the crazy eyes on the gremlin/troll creature -- it definitely lets you know what kind of character it is. It might be interesting to see you play with different character shapes -- especially for the troll. Maybe something a little less humanoid?

    1. Thanks. I wanted to do that with the troll but then I was worrying about distorting it too much that the animators might have a little trouble animating it. Then again I suppose it wouldn't of hurt to experiment with it.

  2. I still adore your troll. And, so far as I'm aware, Emma wanted something more humanoid to go wih Aaron's background concepts more. I love the pixelly-block-thing you have going on with the tail-thing; it makes him seem all that much more digitally-based.