Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life: Post 1

Unfortunately I ended up getting myself behind in schedule, I was bombarded with work over the weekend and only managed to whip out three character sheets. However, they are of good quality (in my opinion) and I don't want to rush a numerous amount of characters just for a due date. I'll either be spreading the character sheets/ background settings/ concept art during each post to better even out the quality of the work.

But anyway.

Below are Character sheets of myself and two others that appear in the story. I kept in mind that everything needs to be simplified. However, I didn't want to lose the unique qualities that everyone has, compromising, I kept the style in the form I usually work with for animation purposes, while retaining the characters specific qualities.
Anthony George| Ability: Firebender/super strength/super speed
Catherine Camp| Ability: Weapons Arsenist

Naomi Rossman| Ability: Vampire/ Strength

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