Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life: Post 2

After countless hours of work, the character designs are finally done. How I went about the powers and designating them to each individual character worked through a simple method.

Their personalities.

Based upon everyone's traits/interests/hobbies, their powers ended up reflecting who they are on the inside. Some characters were challenging because not everyone has a huge fighting spirit, so choosing their powers came to be a difficulty. However, through conversing with the cast themselves I learned a lot more about how to approach the situation. It helped give me a lot of insight on how they interpret themselves or wish to be interpreted. Not only did I learn more about my friends, but I also managed to draw them as they see fit.

Below are the finalized Character sheets which reveal the main characters that will appear in the animatic and promotional art.
Callie Braceras| Ability: Elascticity
Aaron Lappin| Ability: Werewolf
Anthony George| Ability: Fire Bedning/Super Speed/Super Strength

Catherine Camp| Ability: Weapons Arsenist

Chelsea Tanksley| Ability: Stop Time| Infinitte Bow and Arrow|Teleportation

Claire George| Ability: Ice Manipulation

Doug Cummings| Ability: Voodoo Puppet Mastery

Josh Wagner| Ability: Infinite Katanas

Lily Claudio| Ability: Wind\Super speed

Michael Swonger| Abiltiy: Gauntlets\Super Speed\ Super Strength

Naomi Rossman| Ability: Vampire\Twin Scythes

Zack Huddleston| Ability: Gauntlets\Super Strength\Super Speed

Colin Wendt| Ability: Fire Bending\Super Strength\Super Speed

Michelle Luken| Ability: Shape Shifting

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