Monday, November 12, 2012

The Project of "Life"

Normally I don't get ahead of the game but for once in my life I'm gonna give it a shot.

For the longest time I've had this question in my head,
"What would it be like if life was one giant anime?"
This always fascinated me and I just have the weird mind that likes to see everyone and everything around me in an animated manor. It can turn the tiniest little moments into works of epic proportions.

Well I finally decided to answer that question with an autobiography of my life.
Except this time. My life is going to be a little bit more crazy than I thought.


   "The name of the story is simply called "Life" and the setting takes part in the middle of my life as of now. While the past is part of the story, I chose to focus on giving a demo of my current endeavors through college. It's much more exciting and offers a bigger batch of colorful characters. Now what makes this autobiography different from a normal one, is not only the fact that it's an anime, but it's mostly because everyone in it has superhuman abilities.

You're probably asking....How in the hell can this be anything like your real life?
The answer is simple!
Real life events remain the same but certain aspects are explained through battle instead of verbal arguments. In short psychological struggles can be physically represented through action sequences.

The way this world runs is through a system that everyone wears on their wrist. These devices are new in technology and offer a wide range of gadgets and applications; It can even be used as a smart phone. It opens the users to a world of possibilities. One of those possibilities is the option of battle, and is a major part of the story's premise. In this world, battling is a huge sport, and people all around the globe participate in competitions for prizes, not to mention it's a great way to stay active and relieve stress. The way these battles work is simply through an exchange of a single button, once activated, the users literally rip a hole through time and space entering an alternate universe where they gain powers and abilities unfathomable by mankind. These powers are personified by the users personalities and is coordinated to them as such. The more you fight, the stronger your powers become."

Now in this story, the device is used for personal fights.
One on one matches are available and users have a tendency to abuse this to a certain degree.

Below are preliminary sketches to illustrate what everyone will look like stylized along with some examples of our powers and abilities.
Claire, Aj, Aaron, Callie, Colin, Anthony, Naomi, Catherine, Lily, Doug, Chelsea
Catherine, Anthony, Naomi
Lily, Michelle, Colin (1), Callie, Colin (2), Anthony

Doug, Anthony, Michael, Aaron, Josh

The idea was not really an adaptation but more of likeness to Scott Pilgrim VS the World
The idea of the animatic has to due with my obsession with anime openings.

Project Run Down
The Final Result of this project will be a developed animatic of the opening theme.
The blog posts will be development of the project itself which will include:
  •  Sketches
  • Character Sheets
  • Settings/backgrounds
  • Concept Art/Posters
  • Animatic production

    • November 20- Character Sheets Complete
    • November 27- Settings and Backgrounds Complete
    • December 4- Concept Art and Posters Created
    • December 11- Animatic started
    • December 13- Animatic finalized

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