Sunday, December 23, 2012

WIP Dump

DAMNIT. I am determined to make this painter style WORK.
I've only been able to paint in realism...trying to work it into my style is a completely different story. O_o (and morons say anime is easy to draw....yeah sure, cool story bro.)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life: Final Post

Through shear self torture I ended up making a much more developed animatic than I anticipated. I may as well have gone and animated it. Below is the results of my work along with a couple of screenshots documenting what program I used and how I went about working in it.

I decided to go with what I'm familiar with, which is flash. I already know the interface like the back of my hand and motion tweens were what really helped bring this animatic to life. While I am against using them, they do help for still frames.

Simply to reiterate, below are the characters that appear in the animatic.
Not all are accounted for due to a time crunch, so the only ones that are actually in the opening theme are posted below.

       Now without further delay.
        Here is the presentation.
     (please click the picture below)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life: Post 3

     Skipping a Step I ended up diving right into the Concept Art since my deadline is fast approaching, I'll need plenty of time to work on the animatic so that the quality is to my liking. Now, within the concept art keep in mind that not all characters are accounted for due to the high need for rendering within these illustrations. Quality is made up for quantity at this point and I (once again) did not want to sacrifice the illustrations because of a stretch on time.

Let's get back to the story of...

Below is a couple screenshots of my progress to better illustrate how my work is done. For the Anime cell shaded style I've been trying to work towards, I've mainly been using Paint tool Sai. It's safe to say I'm obsessed with the pen tool and how sharp and clear it makes my lines. While Sai may not have the greatest interface, it get's the job done. The process is rather self explanatory, started with a sketch then redrew over it, threw in the flats, values, then background.

Anthony and Colin| Fire Hearts
Anthony| Hidden Power

Anthony and Michael| Bittersweet Memories
Naomi and Lily| Angel and Devil

Claire and Chelsea| Chillin in the Quad

      Above are the finished illustrations I managed to get out in a week. I honestly wanted to do much more than this and I'm disappointed with how little of the world I envisioned is visually available. But alas, I must move on and start the animatic before my finals bury me.