Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life: Final Post

Through shear self torture I ended up making a much more developed animatic than I anticipated. I may as well have gone and animated it. Below is the results of my work along with a couple of screenshots documenting what program I used and how I went about working in it.

I decided to go with what I'm familiar with, which is flash. I already know the interface like the back of my hand and motion tweens were what really helped bring this animatic to life. While I am against using them, they do help for still frames.

Simply to reiterate, below are the characters that appear in the animatic.
Not all are accounted for due to a time crunch, so the only ones that are actually in the opening theme are posted below.

       Now without further delay.
        Here is the presentation.
     (please click the picture below)

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