Friday, August 29, 2014

Cafe Sketch Class Session August 29th

The Start Of Cafe Sketch!

First off I'd like to upload all of the sketches I did in the first session as a whole.


And below is a compliation of my personal favorites. Not too confident for the first time but it's learning experience!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My three Ideas!

My Three Ideas

1. SkyHeart

SkyHeart Is a dramatic love story taking place in the skies. Civilization has moved from the land due to a war over a top secret experiment. This experiment is a living breathing human weapon named Rex. Who is also our main character, he has the ability to summon blades to his side at any given moment. He lives his life unaware of this fact and goes on a journey as a sky pirate to escape his sheltered life and find the one girl who meant everything to him. Rex continues forward unaware of the big picture he has become a part of.

Elevator Pitch: Pirates of the Caribbean meets Treasure Planet meets Romeo and Juliet.

Character Designs

2. Meowfia

The Meowfia is a simple story in a complex world. Set in older times, Our main protagonist Ollie has lost the love of his life to the evil meowfia ruler duchess. He has banded together with his comrades to storm the stronghold of the mob boss and take back what is rightfully his!

Elavator pitch: The godfather meets Aristocats.

Character Designs


Spoiled revolves around a post apocalyptic earth where dragons have enslaved the human race leaving very little resistance. Humans live in encampments called kingdoms and our main character victoria lives happily with her father. On her 18th birthday Victoria is sent on a journey of self discovery when the dragons destroy her entire kingdom and takes her very fathers life. Enraged by what has happened to her homeland she picks up a sword and travels with her most trusted soldiers to revenge her fathers life.

Elevator pitch: The Hobbit meets Kill Bill.

Character Designs