Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cafe Sketch Session #4 heads

For me this was more of an experimentation with ethnicity and features since that was one of my weaknesses. I feel like I already have a decent grasp on the human head in a 3D space so I experimented a little bit more.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Collaborative Projects journal Update! #3

What was done over this week was the second draft of our storyboards followed by the first animatic itself. Below is our first animatic put together by zack which involves some of our best shots created as a group collectively.

The animatic didn't come along as intended, it deviated from the script too much and had an abundance of mistakes that should have been fixed. The pacing is off, a scene was added that shouldn't have been, and the perspective shots don't match what we had in the script.

Of course the script itself was not taken into consideration when drafting the final boards. While dialogue seemed to have been added the shots were not. The script that became the final draft had been completely ignored and it shows in our Animatic. To further this problem we had a discussion that involved the script becoming too dry, dull, and boring. It lost a lot of it's spunk from it's original draft due to constant revision and became lost along the way. So this week we really sat down to come up with a detailed shot list and script that is both humerous and appropriate.

I personally feel a lot better from this one session. The script coincides with the storyboards because we worked on them both together at the same time. Kasey will follow this draft when cleaning up the characters and I will finalize the Character sheets for her to use.

Things To Work On
Second Draft of Animatic
Character Sheets
Background Studies
Zach will be working on Vitaman's voice
Kasey will be working on Candy Kids' voice
Blair will be working on color, character color pallets
Kasey and Anthony will be doing some story boards and model sheets

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Collaborative Projects Journal Update!

     We've managed to get a lot of the project started and we're currently finalizing the third draft of our script. Below is the 2nd draft with all of the corrections added, Thankfully it ended up pushing the commercial near it's actual TRT. The original script was far too long and convoluted for a commercial. We narrowed a lot down with our commercial, we are still aiming for an adult age group while still being appropriate.

The only downside to doing this was that it made our commercial less entertaining and outrageous. So, to make up for this we will work more on our facial expressions and shot variation. Everyone was  working on storyboards over the course of the week and we managed to get a first draft down based on the script that was written. 

Of course these are basic shots so we can start getting a feel for how these chracters will look on screen. This is no way, the final. Alongside this we also experimented with color variations of the characters.

The Results
It's been brought to our attention that the characters are basically half baked. They need a lot of work, experimentation, and proper research. The colors don't even work regardless of how comfortable we've felt with them. In comparison to actual real life cereal boxes we've discovered that these two are just lackluster. I will personally take this knowledge and do a lot of character experimentation over the weekend.

What we will be working on

Second draft for the storyboards
Character variations and color palettes
Finalizing script

Cafe Sketch Session #3 Hands

Monday, September 8, 2014

Collaborative projects Journal Update!

    Even though we just started, I feel that our group has gotten a lot accomplished this past week.
We've managed to draft the first version of our script and get a head start on character designs. Zach has even offered to get a head start on voice acting. We're all excited to get started on our project now that we have everything in order.

Below is our first draft filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. (which will be fixed later this was just a practice to get thoughts down on paper)

I wrote the script prior to our meeting and left it open for interjections and fixes. The basic format of the commercial is going to remain but I wanted my team mates to make corrections where they see fit. During our next meeting we will combine all of our suggestions/critiques to create a better script so we can get started on our animatic.

As far as character designs go, we will approach them the same way we've approached the script. Callie will be in charge of finalizing what we've all accomplished. As for my character designs I went with a Hulk Hogan approach towards Vitaman for some godforsaken reason.

Vitaman and Candy Kid first designs

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Commercial Ideas!

1. Vitaman VS Candy Kid

Our main idea that we have consulted about the most is a health commercial involving children's sugary cereal next to a protein replacement. The project is ultimately a parody 

2. Automatic Popcorn

For our second idea we've concocted the very next thing in "lazy" technology. Sick of burning your popcorn every time you press the popcorn button? Get the instant popcorn popper!

3. The Death Note

Tired of that bitch Sandy stealing every boy you've ever had a crush on? absolutely irritated at Mom taking your phone away?
This handy dandy notebook can kill any victim you desire as long as you write there name down with their face in mind! It's as simple as that!

The Results

After feedback for these ideas we've decided to tackle the Cereal box commercial since it is the most practical with the amount of people we have in our group. The project will mostly be about simplicity and expressions. We intend to get a lot of emotion out of the characters through hilarious facial expressions and witty dialogue. The point is not to necessarily sell our product but to parody it.

I myself will be production manager keeping track of everyone and what they are doing at all times.


Keyframes-Anthony George
Storyboard- Lisa Pattison
Character Design- Callie Braceras
Inbetween-Katie Shoemaker
Clean Up-Katie+Callie+Anthony+Blair
Zach-3D Character Modeler