Thursday, September 25, 2014

Collaborative Projects journal Update! #3

What was done over this week was the second draft of our storyboards followed by the first animatic itself. Below is our first animatic put together by zack which involves some of our best shots created as a group collectively.

The animatic didn't come along as intended, it deviated from the script too much and had an abundance of mistakes that should have been fixed. The pacing is off, a scene was added that shouldn't have been, and the perspective shots don't match what we had in the script.

Of course the script itself was not taken into consideration when drafting the final boards. While dialogue seemed to have been added the shots were not. The script that became the final draft had been completely ignored and it shows in our Animatic. To further this problem we had a discussion that involved the script becoming too dry, dull, and boring. It lost a lot of it's spunk from it's original draft due to constant revision and became lost along the way. So this week we really sat down to come up with a detailed shot list and script that is both humerous and appropriate.

I personally feel a lot better from this one session. The script coincides with the storyboards because we worked on them both together at the same time. Kasey will follow this draft when cleaning up the characters and I will finalize the Character sheets for her to use.

Things To Work On
Second Draft of Animatic
Character Sheets
Background Studies
Zach will be working on Vitaman's voice
Kasey will be working on Candy Kids' voice
Blair will be working on color, character color pallets
Kasey and Anthony will be doing some story boards and model sheets

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