Monday, September 8, 2014

Collaborative projects Journal Update!

    Even though we just started, I feel that our group has gotten a lot accomplished this past week.
We've managed to draft the first version of our script and get a head start on character designs. Zach has even offered to get a head start on voice acting. We're all excited to get started on our project now that we have everything in order.

Below is our first draft filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. (which will be fixed later this was just a practice to get thoughts down on paper)

I wrote the script prior to our meeting and left it open for interjections and fixes. The basic format of the commercial is going to remain but I wanted my team mates to make corrections where they see fit. During our next meeting we will combine all of our suggestions/critiques to create a better script so we can get started on our animatic.

As far as character designs go, we will approach them the same way we've approached the script. Callie will be in charge of finalizing what we've all accomplished. As for my character designs I went with a Hulk Hogan approach towards Vitaman for some godforsaken reason.

Vitaman and Candy Kid first designs

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