Thursday, September 18, 2014

Collaborative Projects Journal Update!

     We've managed to get a lot of the project started and we're currently finalizing the third draft of our script. Below is the 2nd draft with all of the corrections added, Thankfully it ended up pushing the commercial near it's actual TRT. The original script was far too long and convoluted for a commercial. We narrowed a lot down with our commercial, we are still aiming for an adult age group while still being appropriate.

The only downside to doing this was that it made our commercial less entertaining and outrageous. So, to make up for this we will work more on our facial expressions and shot variation. Everyone was  working on storyboards over the course of the week and we managed to get a first draft down based on the script that was written. 

Of course these are basic shots so we can start getting a feel for how these chracters will look on screen. This is no way, the final. Alongside this we also experimented with color variations of the characters.

The Results
It's been brought to our attention that the characters are basically half baked. They need a lot of work, experimentation, and proper research. The colors don't even work regardless of how comfortable we've felt with them. In comparison to actual real life cereal boxes we've discovered that these two are just lackluster. I will personally take this knowledge and do a lot of character experimentation over the weekend.

What we will be working on

Second draft for the storyboards
Character variations and color palettes
Finalizing script

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