Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Commercial Ideas!

1. Vitaman VS Candy Kid

Our main idea that we have consulted about the most is a health commercial involving children's sugary cereal next to a protein replacement. The project is ultimately a parody 

2. Automatic Popcorn

For our second idea we've concocted the very next thing in "lazy" technology. Sick of burning your popcorn every time you press the popcorn button? Get the instant popcorn popper!

3. The Death Note

Tired of that bitch Sandy stealing every boy you've ever had a crush on? absolutely irritated at Mom taking your phone away?
This handy dandy notebook can kill any victim you desire as long as you write there name down with their face in mind! It's as simple as that!

The Results

After feedback for these ideas we've decided to tackle the Cereal box commercial since it is the most practical with the amount of people we have in our group. The project will mostly be about simplicity and expressions. We intend to get a lot of emotion out of the characters through hilarious facial expressions and witty dialogue. The point is not to necessarily sell our product but to parody it.

I myself will be production manager keeping track of everyone and what they are doing at all times.


Keyframes-Anthony George
Storyboard- Lisa Pattison
Character Design- Callie Braceras
Inbetween-Katie Shoemaker
Clean Up-Katie+Callie+Anthony+Blair
Zach-3D Character Modeler

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