Friday, October 10, 2014

Collaborative Project update!

What we've done

A lot has happend over the course of these two weeks. The final animatic was started and the first drag is now complete.

Link to Video-------->

After the completion I collaborated with Zach and we did a quick pass at some of the dialogue.

Link to video with sound--------->

     It's come to our attention that the dialogue needs to be reworked to flow with these shots a little better. It needs some more subtly to certain lines so the characters don't feel as cut and dry. Overall we're pretty happy with what's come out of this project and can't wait to begin animating as soon as possible.

What needs to be done next

Kasey will be in charge of fixing some shot mistakes and strengthening gestures
I will will be adjusting the dialogue personally
Lisa Is working on package design
Zach is in charge of sound when the animatics second pass is complete
Blair is still in charge of organization
Callie Will start roughing in backgrounds

Cafe Sketch Session #4

Same situation as last week. This time I kind of got stuck on the UFC channel.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Cafe Sketch Session #3

So instead of going to the zoo. (Since I couldn't make it this week) I decided to draw people at 16-bit.

(p.s. there was a dog outside and I was really happy)